Plenum Data is a Digital Business Company providing state of the art data security, data integration and data management through the convergence of AI, Analytics, Big Data, Blockchain, Cloud, Cybersecurity, Data Science, IoT and Quantum Computing Technologies and Toolkits. Plenum is Dynamic Data Infrastructure with Digital Trust. Plenum is Data Aggregation Service Engine with a Workflow engine powered by Digital Consortium.

Our Vision

Our mission at PlenumData is to disrupt the way enterprises manage business processes and data by offering platforms that are secure, sophisticated, simple to manage and low cost to operate. Our vision is to build the Plenum Platform, offer it to early adopter clients at very low cost and leverage those client successes to grow in scale to national offerings.

Our Principles

We value honesty, integrity and a relentless commitment to serve our customers with complete transparency and business aligned measurements.

Our Roadmap

The Plenum platform is designed to serve all industries; however, healthcare will be an initial target for prototyping and initial market offerings. As such, it is envisioned that PlenumData will grow organically based on a five year plan. While the platform uses are limitless, the year one target market will be the healthcare industry. A novel use within the healthcare industry relates to a secure and comprehensive method to structure and manage patient data.

Our Value Proposition

PlenumData’s platform is very unique compared with other data integration product offerings. Key differentiators are as follows:

  • The use of blockchain technologies to securely integrate and manage enterprise data. Most solutions utilizing blockchain are associated with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. As co-founders of PlenumData, we believe the number of competitors who use blockchain for enterprise data management will however grow rapidly, thus the intense focus on deploying the PlenumData platform into the marketplace to retain this competitive edge.
  • Most data integration platforms are designed to transform data formats or simply proxy data between subsystems. PlenumData’s platform is designed with features supporting data integration as well as work flows and business rules processors which allow for a wide variety of customizations and use cases. This comprehensive functionality will enable PlenumData to compete and ultimately replace high cost systems that offer less functionality within a given enterprise.
  • The PlenumData platform is designed for use ‘cloud native’ or ‘serverless’ deployments. Essentially this means that an enterprise which would have to otherwise buy and maintain hardware can now operate the PlenumData platform without a on premise hardware investment. Further, PlenumData platform usage of cloud-resources can be metered dissolved after processing completes. This operating model is referred to as disposable computing. Many enterprises still rely on static (private data centers) computing systems.
  • Simply put, most software platforms are perceived to be overpriced and most enterprises are left with no alternative. The PlenumData platform will be offered a substantially lower price point compared to any similar offering. It is the intention of the co-founders to leverage this transformative approach to delivering business functionality and achieve higher volume deployments with reasonable margins for profitability.